For Young Ones

Inclusivity is a key part of our holidays at North Hayne Farm.

We welcome families with children who have additional needs and aim to provide the best holiday we can for everyone.

Our farm holidays provide a carefully structured animal feeding routine which provide an essential framework for children, allowing a sense of security to develop which has many beneficial outcomes.  We recognise that some children have difficulties adjusting to any changes when they are not in their normal home environment, so our daily schedule wall chart is available to borrow from reception if you feel your child will benefit.

Our farm activities provide a consistent routine in a secure, safe and non-judgmental environment.

We will happily adapt our schedules to suit particular needs such as moving donkey ride times, ensuring there are no loud noises such as machinery for cleaning the animal areas, or providing a one to one experience if this is helpful. Children with Autism may particularly benefit from this.

Where social interaction is more difficult the twice daily feeding sessions provide a great opportunity for the child/children to form relationships with the animals which can help to develop empathy skills. The therapeutic benefits of stroking the animals, talking with them, feeding them by hand and even riding them (donkeys) can reduce stress levels and even help concentration.

Verbal communication difficulties can be alleviated with the help of signing (a skill we are developing ourselves!!) and also by using our visual aid cards (we are happy to use your own if this helps too).

Children with limited mobility can access our farm more easily with wider pathways, more turning room and a new accessible cottage (Jeremy Fisher) which has plenty of room for extended families/carers to also be accomodated.

"Cheryl, Farmer Roger and their family were incredible and in particular very attentive to our youngest son's additional needs (non-verbal with severe autism) including learning some makaton signs and being patient!"  Tripadvisor

"My daughter has asd and roger gave her extra duties which helped her socially."  Tripadvisor

"The biggest plus point for me was the adjustments that were offered to enable my daughter,who has additional needs, to participate in the activities. It meant a huge amount to me and she had an amazing time."  Tripadvisor

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